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Bulletin No. 194-Time Schedule of Ballot to determine priority of Members giving notice for moving motions for leave to introduce PMBs and PMRs
Last Date for submitting entries for Kerala Legislative Assembly Media Award extended to 20th April 2017
Corrigendum-" Kerala Shops and Commercial Establishments Workers Welfare Fund (Amendment) Bill 2016" 

CPST- Media Awards, 2017 - Notification,  Government Order, and Scheme 

Fourth Session of the 14th KLA Prorogued with effect from 16th  March 2017
Resolution unanimously passed on 13-3-2017 during 4th session of 14th KLA
CPST - Workshop - 14.03.2017 - Disaster Management Act and Local Issues 
Schedule of Meetings of Subject Committees-Scrutiny of demands for grants 2017-18
Bulletin No.177 - Official launching of Mobile Application - reg.
CPST - Inauguration of KLA Diamond Jubilee Lecture Series
Bulletin No. 163 - Timeframe for giving amendment notices to Bills coming up for discussion in the House on 13th, 15th and 16th March 2017
Kerala Budget for the year 2017-2018 (Malayalam) (English)
Kerala Legislative Assembly Diamond Jubilee Celebrations-Lecture Series-Inauguration
Bulletin No. 151-Final Batch of Supplementary Demands for Grants for the year 2016-17-Recommendation of Hon'ble Governor
Statement by Shri. E. Chandrasekharan, Minister for Revenue and Housing  on 01.03.2017 as per Rule 300
14th KLA-4th Session---Gazette Notification / Calendar of Sittings / Schedule for balloting of Questions / Schedule for uploading of Questions / Allotment of days for answering questions
Bulletin No. 157 - Scheduling of programme on 2-3-2017 as recommended by the 4th report of Business Advisory Committee approved by House on 28-2-2017
Bulletin No. 156 - Time schedule for determining priority of amendment notices and ordinance rejection motion notices over Bills to be forwarded to Subject Committee
Bulletin No.152 - List of Official Legislative Business to be transacted in the 4th Session during the 14th KLA
Motion of Thanks to Hon'ble Governor's Address
Hon'ble Governor's Address on 23.02.2017 - (English) - (Malayalam)
Bulletin No. 147 : Time Schedule of Ballot to determine priority of Members giving notice for moving motions for leave to introduce Private Members' Bills.
CPST-Training for Government Officials 
CPST- Assembly Visit Programme - Students of Womens College, Thiruvananthapuram - Photos
Formation of 'EMS Smrithi' Pavilion in Kerala Legislature Golden Jubilee Museum-Press Release
Students Parliament Inauguration on 08.02.2017 - Photos
Bulletin No.144 : Nomination of Shri E.P. Jayarajan, MLA to Subject Committee II 
Bulletin No.143 : Election of Shri S. Rajendran, MLA as Member in Committee on Public Undertakings
Bulletin No.142 : Nomination of Shri S. Rajendran, MLA to fill a vacancy in Committee on Public Undertakings 
Bulletin No.141 : Nomination of Shri E.P. Jayarajan, MLA to the Committee on the Welfare of Senior Citizens 
Bulletin No.140 : Election to the vacant seat in Public Undertakings Committee / Nomination Form
CPST- Student Parliament Session-Inauguration
ഔദ്യോഗിക ഭാഷാ വിഭാഗം - മാതൃഭാഷാ സമ്മേളനം - 03.01.2017 - Photos
Bulletin No.139-Election of three Legislators to the General Council of Kerala Agricultural University
Nomination of Chairman, Ex-Officio members in Subject Committees(2016-18)-Changes
CPST- Guidelines for Participants in Students Parliament.
Notification - Regarding election of three members to Kerala University of Fisheries and Ocean Studies
Martyr's Day - on 30.01.2017 - Photos
CPST - Training on LAIS - PAs to MLAs - on January 30 & 31
റിപ്പബ്ലിക് ദിനാഘോഷം -ചിത്രങ്ങള്‍
Children's Library -Interaction with students on 21-1-2017
Kerala Legislative Assembly-Diamond Jubilee Celebration-Inauguration ceremony photos
Bulletin No.136 - Elected Members to the Senate of Calicut University
Dr.B.R.Ambedkar Jayanthi Celebration - Photos
Fourteenth KLA - Third Session - Prorogued - Notification - reg.
3rd Session of 14th KLA adjourned sine die on 22nd November 2016
Resolution Passed by 14th KLA on 22-11-2016
CPST-Guidelines for preparing Assignments and Model Topics
14th KLA - 3rd Session - Bulletin (Part II) No.132 -Motion under Rule 130
14th KLA - 3rd Session - Notification
CALENDAR - 14th KLA - 3rd Session
Bulletin (Part II) No.129 -Sending of notes related to Demands for Grants to MLAs through E-mail
Fourteenth KLA-Second Session -Prorogued-Notification 
CPST-Guidelines and Proforma application for conducting STUDENT PARLIAMENT
Jawaharlal Nehru Jayanthi celebrations on 14-11-2016 - Photos
The Second Session of 14th Kerala Legislative Assembly prorogued with effect from 9th November 2016, at the conclusion of its sitting
Second session of 14th Kerala Legislative Assembly adjourned sine die on 9th November 2016
Flower Worship on statue of K R Narayanan - Photos
THULASEEVANAM - Inauguration - Photos
Statement by Dr.T M Thomas Issac, Minister for Finance and Coir on 09.11.2016 as per Rule 300
Bulletin (Part-II) No.125 - The Kerala Finance Bill,2016 - As reported by Subject Committee - Recommendation of the Governor.
Bulletin (Part-II) No.123 -Time Schedule for giving amendment notice to Bills coming up for discussion on 9-11-2016
Bulletin (Part-II) No.122 -Time Schedule for giving amendment notice to Bills coming up for discussion on 8-11-2016
Unanimous Resolution passed by the Assembly on 03-11-2016
ചട്ടം 300 അനുസരിച്ച് ഭക്ഷ്യവും സിവില്‍ സപ്ലെെസും വകുപ്പു മന്ത്രി ശ്രീ. പി. തിലോത്തമന്‍ നടത്തിയ പ്രസ്താവന

Business Advisory Committee - 3rd Report

Business Advisory Committee - 2nd Report


Bulletin(Part II) No.90-Allotment of days for Answering Questions (Revised)


Bulletin(Part II) No.85-Change in dates for presentation of Demand of Grants

14th KLA - 2nd Session -Notification reg.

14th KLA - 2nd Session - Calendar of Sitting / Ballot Chart for Questions / Schedule for uploading questions / Allotment of Days for answering questions

Bulletin (Part-II) No.60 -14th KLA-2nd Session - Time Schedule of Ballot to determine priority of Members giving notice for moving motions.
  Bulletin (Part-II) No.119 - Time Schedule for submitting Amendment Notice to bills presented on 07th Nov 2016
Bulletin (Part-II) No.116 - The Kerala Appropriation (No.3) Bill, 2016 - Recommendation of the Governor
Motion to be discussed from 1.30 pm to 3.30 pm on 3-11-2016
Notice as per Rule 58 of Rules of Procedure and Conduct of Business in the Kerala Legislative Assembly

Motion, unanimously passed by Kerala Legislative Assembly on 27.10.2016

Bulletin (Part-II) No.78 - Hon'ble Governor's Recommendation on Supplementary Demands for Grants 2016-17

Bulletin (Part-II) No.45 - Hon'ble Governor's Recommendation on The Kerala Finance Bill 2016

Bulletin (Part-II) No.109 - Discussion under Rule 205(B) on 16th Report of Estimate Committee-(16th Report)

Bulletin(Part II) No.100- Allotment of Days 
Shri V.K.Babu Prakash, assumes office as Secretary, Kerala Legislative Assembly
Bulletin (Part-II) No.84 - Shri V.K.Babu Prakash, Presiding Officer (District Judge), Labour Court, Kollam assumes office as Secretary, Kerala Legislative Assembly 
CPST - Program Chart - Conducted from 01.04.16 to 31.08.16
CPST-Training programme for Legislators on LAIS on 25-10-2016
Meeting  of Assembly on Thursday October 6, 2016 stands cancelled
Bulletin (Part-II) No.83 - Regarding Cancellation of Sitting on Friday, October 7, 2016
Government Resolution adopted by Kerala Legislative Assembly on October 3, 2016
Bulletin (Part-II) No.79 - Regarding Resolution given notice of by Shri.P Thilothaman, Minister for Food and Civil Supplies.
Bulletin (Part-II) No.74 - Amendment to date of presentation of Demands for Grants
Bulletin (Part-II) No.103 - Time Schedule for submitting amendment notices, for discussion of bills on Nov 2 &3, 2016

Gandhi Jayanthi - Pushparchana  - Photos

Bulletin (Part-II) No.61 - Demand for Grants - Schedule of Discussion

Bulletin (Part-II) No.62 - Time schedule of Priority order of notices for amendment of Bills and Ordinance rejection motions to be referred to Subject Committees

Haritha Club - Harvesting of Vegetables - Photos 

CPST-UNICEF Initiative Certificate Distribution Programmes - Photos

Bulletin (Part-II) No.54 - Consolidated List of Official Legislative Business

Bulletin (Part-II) No.55 - Resignation and Nomination in Committee on Subordinate Legislation 

Bulletin (Part-II) No.50 - Regarding constitution of House Committee and Library Advisory Committee

Bulletin (Part-II) No.49 - Regarding constitution of Legislature Committees other than Financial and Subject Committees

Bulletin (Part-II) No.52- Nomination of Shri P.V.Anvar, MLA to Sub.Com. IXand Shri K,V.Vijayadas, MLA to Sub.Com.I

Bulletin (Part-II) No.51-Resignation of Shri P.V. Anvar,MLA and Shri K.V.Vijayadas,MLA from Subject Committee

CPST-UNICEF Initiative-Presentation on "Emerging and second generation issues of child rights in Kerala"

 Independence Day Celebrations 2016- Photos

 Visit of Srilankan National Provincial Council Members - Photos
Schedule of Subject Committee Meetings-Scrutiny of Demands for Grants (2016-2017)
Notification regarding prorogation of the First Session of the 14th KLA  
Statutory Resolution unanimously adopted by the Kerala Legislative Assembly on 18th July 2016
Statement made by the Minister for Electricity and Devaswoms under Rule 300 on the Total Electrification Project intended to be implemented in the State
PROFORMA -Training Programme for Media persons organised by BPST in New Delhi (2016 Aug. 3 to Aug. 5)
Schedule of Subject Committee Meetings-Scrutiny of Demands for Grants (2016-2017)
Motion under Rule 130 - Regarding - Merging of SBT into SBI 
Bulletin (Part-II) No.35 - Regarding arrangement of business based on the recommendations of the First report of  the Business Advisory Committee
Motion regarding Demands for Grants on Account by Dr.T.M Thomas Issac (Malayalam) (English)
The Legislative Assembly (Removal of Disqualifications) Amendments Bill,2016 - (English) (Malayalam)
Bulletin No.25 - Subject Committees - Re-allocation of subjects 
White Paper on State Finances - Laid on the Table by Dr.T M Thomas Issac (Malayalam) (English)
Statutory Resolution unanimously adopted be the House on 18.07.2016
List of Members - 14th Kerala Legislative Assembly
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