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13th KLA
Committee on Subordinate Legislation - REPORTS

Report Date of Presentation to the Assembly
1st Report (Action taken on 14th report of  the Committee of 11th KLA  ) 21-03-2012
2nd Report (Action Taken Report) 21-03-2012
3rd Report (Action taken on 7th report of  the Committee of 11th KLA  ) 21-03-2012
4th Report (Action Taken Report) 05-07-2012
5th Report  (SROs issued under Jewelry Workers Welfare fund Act,2009 ) 05-07-2012
6th Report  (SROs issued under various Acts during 2007-2010 ) 25-07-2012
7th  Report (SROs issued under the Kerala Paddy Land and Wetland Act,2008) 25-07-2012
8th Report (SROs issued under The Kerala State Lottery Agents and Sellers  welfare fund Act,2009) 20-12-2012
9th Report (SROs issued under The Non-resident Keralites welfare,Act,2009) 20-12-2012
10th  Report (SROs issued under The Right to Free and Compulsory Education Act,2009) 18-02-2013
11th Report (Implementation of The Food Safety and Standards Act,2006 ) 09-04-2013
12th Report (Action Taken Report) 09-04-2013
13th Report 09-04-2013
14th Report (SROs issued under Kerala Handloom Workers Welfare Cess Act,2007) 08-07-2013
15th Report 08-07-2013
16th Report (Action Taken Report on 10th Report) 03-02-2014
17 th Report (Action Taken Report) 03-02-2014
18 th Report (SROs issued under Kerala Literary workers' Welfare Act 2010) 03-02-2014
19th Report (SROs issued under The Private Security  Agencies (Regulation) Act 2005) 03-02-2014
20th Report 06-02-2014
21st Report (Based on Petitions of Kerala Water Authority Qualified Operating Staff Union) 06-02-2014
22 th Report on Maintenance and Welfare of Parents and Senior Citizens Act 2007 15-07-2014
23 rd Report 15-07-2014
24 th Report (SROs issued under various Acts during 2007-2012) 18-12-2014
25 th Report (The Kerala Registration of Psycho Social Rehabilitation Centres of Mentally ill Persons Rules 2012) 18-12-2014
26 th Report  (The Mental Health Act,1987) 29-07-2015
27th Report (SROs issued under various acts during 2008-2012) 29-07-2015
28 th Report (Action Taken Report) 29-07-2015
29 th Report (Action Taken Report) 16-12-2015
30th Report (SROs issued under Kerala Small Scale Plantation Workers Welfare Fund Act 2008) 15-12-2015
31st Report (SROs issued under the Commissions for Protection of Child Rights Act, 2005) 15-12-2015
32nd Report (Scrutiny of SROs issued under various Acts) 15-12-2015

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