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 T. K. Divakaran 

Member, Travancore Cochin Legislative Assembly (1952-56),  
3rd KLA [Quilon-RSP], 4th KLA [Quilon-RSP].

SSLC; Son of Shri Krishnan and Smt. Nani; born on 05 December 1920; Wife: L. Devayani; 2 Sons, 5 Daughters; Shri. Babu Divakaran Minister is his son.                 


Other Positions Held and details:

Minister for Works from 06-03-1967 to 21-10-1969, 
Minister for Works and Tourism from 04-10-1970 to 19-01-1976. 

Leader of the House (1969-70). 

Deputy Leader of Opposition Parties in the T.C.L.A. 

Chairman, Estimates Committee in T.C.L.A. 

Chairman, Kollam Municipality; Member and Vice Chairman, Coir Board; President, U.T.U.C., Kerala State.

Expired on 19-01-1976 while being a minister; Obituary made on 16-02-1976.

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