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    List of Chairmen 14th kla
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Chairmen - Legislature Committees



e-mail id Phone Number

Shri  M.B. Rajesh (Ex-officio Chairman)

mbrajesh@niyamasabha.nic.in 9446343499
Committee on Public Accounts  Shri  Sunny Joseph sunnyjoseph@niyamasabha.nic.in 9447046694
Committee on Estimates  Smt. K.K. Shailaja Teacher kkshailaja@niyamasabha.nic.in 9447982200
Committee on Public Undertakings Shri E. Chandrasekharan echandrasekharan@niyamasabha.nic.in 9447672200
Committee on Local Fund Accounts   Shri T.P. Ramakrishnan tpramakrishnan@niyamasabha.nic.in 9447913300
Committee on Private Members' Bills and Resolutions Shri  Pramod Narayan pramodnarayan@niyamasabha.nic.in 9447173000
Committee on Petitions Shri  K.B. Ganesh Kumar kbganeshkumar@niyamasabha.nic.in 9447747274
Committee on Subordinate Legislation  Shri Murali Perunelly muraliperunelly@niyamasabha.nic.in 9447015284
Committee on Government Assurances Shri  K.P.A. Majeed kpamajeed@niyamasabha.nic.in 9447109014
Committee on Papers Laid on Table Shri P.C. Vishnunadh pcvishnunath@niyamasabha.nic.in 8848324672
Committee on Environment Shri E.K. Vijayan ekvijayan@niyamasabha.nic.in 9447426175
Committee on Official Language  Shri Mathew T Thomas mathewtthomas@niyamasabha.nic.in 9447627700
Committee on Privileges and Ethics Shri  M.M. Mani mmmani@niyamasabha.nic.in 9447512082
Rules Committee

Shri  M.B. Rajesh (Ex-officio Chairman)

mbrajesh@niyamasabha.nic.in 9446343499
House Committee Shri Kovoor Kunjumon kovoorkunjumon@niyamasabha.nic.in 9447500371
Library Advisory Committee Shri Thomas. K. Thomas thomaskthomas@niyamasabha.nic.in 9539239729
Committee on Welfare of SC/ST Shri  O.R. Kelu orkelu@niyamasabha.nic.in 9446545146
Committee on Welfare of Women, Transgenders, Children and Differently Abled Smt. U. Prathibha uprathibha@niyamasabha.nic.in 9495465666
Committee on Welfare of Backward Class Communities Shri P.S. Supal pssupal@niyamasabha.nic.in 9447101233
Committee on Welfare of Fishermen and Allied Workers Shri P.P. Chitharanjan ppchitharanjan@niyamasabha.nic.in 9447480112
Committee on Welfare of Non-Resident Keralite Affairs  Shri A.C. Moideen acmoideen@niyamasabha.nic.in 9447978800
Committee on Welfare of Youth and Youth Affairs Shri A.N. Shamseer anshamseer@niyamasabha.nic.in 9447056803
Committee on Welfare of Senior Citizens Shri K.P. Mohanan kpmohanan@niyamasabha.nic.in 9496255500
Subject Committee I Shri P. Prasad pprasad@niyamasabha.nic.in 9446386719
Subject Committee II Shri K. Rajan krajan@niyamasabha.nic.in 9400006300
Subject Committee III Shri Roshy Augustine roshyaugustine@niyamasabha.nic.in 9447021314
Subject Committee IV Shri P. Rajeeve prajeeve@niyamasabha.nic.in 9447073744
Subject Committee V Shri P.A. Mohamed Riyas mohamedriyas@niyamasabha.nic.in 9446373370
Subject Committee VI Shri V. Sivankutty vsivankutty@niyamasabha.nic.in 9846660986
Subject Committee VII Shri K. Krishnankutty kkrishnankutty@niyamasabha.nic.in 9447012369
Subject Committee VIII Shri K.N. Balagopal knbalagopal@niyamasabha.nic.in 9446545577
Subject Committee IX Shri M.V. Govindan Master mvgovindanmaster@niyamasabha.nic.in 9400099111
Subject Committee X Shri A.K. Saseendran aksaseendran@niyamasabha.nic.in 9847001879
Subject Committee XI Shri V.N. Vasavan vnvasavan@niyamasabha.nic.in 9447050543
Subject Committee XII Smt. Veena George veenageorge@niyamasabha.nic.in 8547007032
Subject Committee XIII Shri K. Radhakrishnan kradhakrishnan@niyamasabha.nic.in 9447787999
Subject Committee XIV Shri Pinarayi Vijayan pinarayivijayan@niyamasabha.nic.in 9447565656



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