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 R. S. Unni 
Deputy Speaker from 31-10-1970 to 22-03-1977 (Performed the duties of the office of Speaker from May 9, 1975 to February 16, 1976). 

Member, 3rd KLA [Eravipuram-RSP], 
4th KLA [Eravipuram-RSP], 5th KLA [Eravipuram-RSP],  
6th KLA [Eravipuram-RSP],  7th KLA [Eravipuram-RSP]. 

SSLC;  Son of Shri Raman Unni; born on 18 February 1925; Wife: G. Radhamma; 1 Daughter.     


Other Positions Held and details:

Minister for Local Administration  from 25-01-1980 to 20-10-1981. 

Chairman,  Committee on Public Undertakings (1970-71), (1973-74) and (1976-77), 
Committee on Subordinate Legislation (1971-72), (1972-73) and (1974-75). 

Secretary, RSP State Committee; Member, State Secretariat and Central Committee of R.S.P., KSP State Executive; Entered politics through Travancore State Congress; General Secretary, Students Congress; Undergone Imprisonment for participation in the agitations against for responsible government; Joined KSP in 1948; Joined RSP in 1950; President, UTUC.



Expired on 17-02-1999; Obituary made on 26-02-1999.


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