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 K. K. Thomas  

Member, 7th KLA [Peermade-INC (I)], 
8th KLA [Peermade-INC], 9th KLA [Peermade-INC]

Son of Shri Kurian; born on 15 June 1935; Wife: Eleyamma; 1 Son, 2 Daughters.      

Other Positions Held and details:

Chairman, House Committee (1995-96). 

Member, K.P.C.C., Plantation Labour Committee CAMCO Director Board; Executive Member, K.P.C.C; State Executive Member, I.N.T.U.C.(I); Vice President and President, DCC; President, High Range Plantation Employees Union. 




Expired on 18-11-2002; Obituary made on 14-02-2003.

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