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 C. M. Sundaram  

Member, 5th KLA [Palghat-PSP], 6th KLA [Palghat-PSP],  
7th KLA [Palghat-PSP], 8th KLA [Palghat-PSP], 9th KLA [Palghat-INC].

SSLC; Son of Shri C. S. Mahadeva Iyer and Smt. C. S. Saraswathy; born on 01 July 1919; Wife : C. N. Thailambal; 2 Daughters.   

Other Positions Held and details:

Minister for Local Administration from 28-12-1981 to 17-03-1982 and from 24-05-1982 to 25-03-1987. 

Chairman, Committee on Subordinate Legislation (1979-81), Committee on Assurances (1977-79). 

Chairman, P.S.P. State Committee; Entered politics through Students Congress; Participated in Quit India Movement; Later joined Socialist Party and worked in the trade union field at Bombay; Actively involved in the tribal welfare work; Palakkad Municipal Chairman for three years and has been a member for a long time.




Expired on 01-05-2008; Obituary made on 23-07-2008. 

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