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 V. M. Sudheeran  
Speaker from 08-03-1985 to 27-03-1987. 

Member, 6th KLA [Manalur-Congress(U)], 7th KLA [Manalur-Congress (I)], 
8th KLA [Manalur-INC], 9th KLA [Manalur-INC].

Pre-Degree;  BA Course Completed;   Son of Shri. Vailoppilly Sankaran Mama and Smt Girija; born on 26 May 1948; Wife : Latha; 1 Son, 1 Daughter. 

Other Positions Held and details:

Minister for Health from 20-04-1995 to 09-05-1996. 

Chairman, Committee on Estimates (1982-84), Committee on Private Membersí Bills and Resolutionsí (1984-85). 

Member, Lok Sabha (1977-79), (1996-97), (1998-99) & (1999-04). 

President, KSU & Kerala Pradesh Youth Congress; General Secretary, KPCC, Indian Youth Congress;  Vice President, KPCC.





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