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 N. Subramaniya Shenoy  

Member, 5th KLA [Payyannur-CPI (M)], 
6th KLA [Payyannur-CPI (M)]. 

Son of Shri Narayana Shenoy; born on 05 May 1917; Wife : Revathy Shenoy; 3 Sons, 5 Daughters.                         

Other Positions Held and details:

President, Payyannur Panchayat; Renowned CPI (M) Leader; Member K.P.C.C.(193639); 

Entered politics through National Movement; Joined Congress Socialist Party in 1934; Joined CPI in 1939; Participated in Morazha Revolt and went underground; Undergone imprisonment several times; Chairman, Electricity Advisory Committee.




Expired on 14-11-2006; Obituary made on 28-03-2007.

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