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 K. Sivadasan  

Member, 1st KLA [Varkala-Reserved-CPI]

Son of Shri Kumaran and Smt Kunji; born on 7 March 1929; Wife : Ambujakshy; 6 Children.         

Other Positions Held and details:

Actively participated in freedom movement; Left CPI and joined INC in 1960; Member, Kattakkada Panchayat for 16 years from 1963, KPCC, Coir Corporation Director Board, Khadi and Village Industries Board, District Land Mortgage Bank, Editorial Board ‘Swaraj Magazine’; Chairman, SC & ST Welfare Corporation (1982-85); Vice President, Trivandrum DCC.





Expired on 10-07-2007; Obituary made on 25-07-2007.

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