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 K. Sankaranarayanan 

Member, 5th KLA [Thrithala-INC],
6th KLA [Sreekrishnapuram-INC],
8th KLA [Ottappalam-INC], 11th KLA[Palghat-INC].

Matriculate; Son of Shri A. Sankaran Nair and Smt. K. Lekshmi Amma; born on 15 October 1932;  Wife: Prof. K. Radha; 1 Daughter.                    

Other Positions Held and details:

Minister for Agriculture from 11-4-1977 to 25-4-1977 and from 27-04-1977 to 27-10-1978, 
Minister for Finance and Excise from 26-05-2001 to 10-02-2004, 
Minister for Finance from 11.2.2004 to 29-08-2004. 

At Present Governor of Maharashtra(from 22-01-2010 onwards), Governor of Arunachal Pradesh(4-09-2007 to 26-01-2008), Governor of Nagaland and Jharkhand. 

Chairman, Committee on Public Accounts (1989 -1991), 
Committee on Government Assurances (1980-1982).  

UDF Convenor (1985-2001); Secretary, District Congress Committee; President, KPCC; General Secretary, KPCC; Member, All India Working Committee [Congress (O)], Parliamentary Board .




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