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 T. K. Ramakrishnan 

Member, 1st KLA [Kanayannur-CPI], 
2nd KLA [Kanayannur-CPI], 
3rd KLA [Thrippunnithura-CPI (M)], 
5th KLA [Thripunithura-CPI (M)], 
6th KLA [Thrippunithura-CPI (M)],  8th KLA [Kottayam-CPI (M)]
(Elected in the-election held on 3-6-1987 and took oath on 4-6-1987), 9th KLA [Kottayam-CPI (M)], 10th KLA [Kottayam-CPI (M)].

Kavyabhushan; Son of Shri Kunjaman; born in 1922; Wife : Gouri; 1 Son, 4 Daughters. 

Other Positions Held and details:

Minister for Home from 25-01-1980 to 20-10-1981, 
Minister for Co-operation & Fisheries from 02-04-1987 to 17-06-1991, 
Minister for Fisheries and Rural Development from 20-05-1996 to 13-05-2001.

Opposition Leader from 13-08-1979 to 11-10-1979. 

Chairman, Committee on Assurances (1979-81); 

Opposition Chief Whip (1991-96). 

Member, C.P.I. (M) Central Committee and State Secretariat; President, Thripunithura Panchayath; Vice President and Joint Secretary, All India Kisan Sabha; Secretary, CPI (M) Kottayam District Committee, Kerala Karshaka Sanghom; Entered politics in 1942 through INC; Joined CPI in 1942; Imprisoned several times.

Publications : Kallile Theeporikal (Novel), Deshadrohikal (Drama).





Expired on 21-04-2006; Obituary made on 29-06-2006.

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