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 A. A. Rahim 

Member, Travancore Cochin Legislative Assembly (195456),  
1st KLA [Quilon-Congress], 
2nd KLA [Quilon-Congress],  
4th KLA [Kundara-Congress(R)],  
5th KLA [Kundara-INC]. 

up to BA;  Son of Shri Aboobacker Kunju; born on 07 February 1920; Wife: Fathima; 3 Sons, 3 Daughters.               

Other Positions Held and details:

Governor, Meghalaya (198990). 
Minister of State for External Affairs, Law and Company Affairs, Union Cabinet (1982-84). 

Chairman, Committee on Public Accounts (1979-81), Committee on Estimates (197273), Committee on Subordinate Legislation (197576); Deputy Leader, Congress Legislature Party; Member, Lok Sabha (198084),  A.I.C.C., Cochin University Senate, State and Central Wakf Board  Minister for Health, Agriculture and Industries in Travancore Cochin during 1955-56; President, D.C.C.; Vice President, K.P.C.C.; Chairman, T.K.M. College of Engineering Governing Council; Director, IIT, Hindustan Insecticides; Treasurer, Kerala Grandhasala Sangham.

Managing Editor, Prabhatham Daily.





Expired on 31-08-1995; Obituary made on 06-03-1996.

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