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 K. Pankajakshan 

Member, 4th KLA [Trivandrum-II-RSP], 
5th KLA [Trivandrum–West-RSP), 6th KLA [Aryanadu-RSP],  
7th KLA [Aryanadu-RSP], 8th KLA [Aryanadu-RSP]. 

BA BL; Advocate; Son of Shri M. Kesavan and Smt. K. Lekshmi; born on 25 January 1928; Wife : C. Vijayanthy; 2 Sons, 1 Daughter.                 

Other Positions Held and details:

Minister for Public Works from 04-02-1976 to 25-03-1977, 
Minister for Works from 11-04-1977 to 25-04-1977, 
Minister for  Works and Sports from 27-04-1977 to 27-10-1978 and from 29-10-1978 to 07-10-1979, 
Minister for  Labour & Rehabilitation from 02-04-1987 to 17-06-1991. 

Government Chief Whip;  Chief Whip, Opposition Parties; Member, RSP State and Central Committees; Secretary, RSP Kerala Committee; General Secrtary, RSP; Councilor, Trivandrum Corporation; General Secretary, Kerala United Trade Union Congress; President, Kerala Sports Council; Kerala Volley ball Association; Actively participated in national movement under state congress leadership in the 1940’s; Went underground after Pettah police firing in 1947; Joined KSP and later RSP.





Address : Indu Mahal, Pettah, Thiruvananthapuram-24.

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