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 E. K. Nayanar 
Chief Minister from 25 01-1980 to 20-10-1981, 
from 26-03-1987 to 17-06-1991 and 
from 20-05-1996 to 13-05-2001. 

Member, 4th KLA [Irrikur-CPI (M)], (Elected in bye-election held on 3-5-1974 and took oath on 16-5-1974),
6th KLA [Malampuzha-CPI (M)], 7th KLA [Malampuzha-CPI (M)], 
8th KLA [Thrikkaripur-CPI (M)], 9th KLA [Thrikkaripur-CPI (M)], 
10th KLA [Tellicherry-CPI (M)]
(Elected in bye-election held on 13-10-1996 and took oath on 22-10-1996).

SSLC; Writer and Journalist; Son of Shri Govindan Nambiar; born on 09 December 1919; 
Wife:  K. P. Sarada Teacher; 2 Sons, 2 Daughters.

Other Positions Held and details:

Member, Lok Sabha (1967-70). 

Opposition Leader (1981-82), (1982-87) and (1991-92). 

Chairman, Committee of Privileges (1980-81); 

Was the Longest served Chief Minister (3 Terms- 4010 Days). 

Secretary, CPI (M) State Committee; Member, CPI (M) Polit Bureau.

Editor: Desabhimani (1982-87) & (1991-96); Published about 20 Books; Joined Communist movement at the age of 20; Participant of Aaron Mill Strike, Kayyur, Peasant uprising and Morazha struggle; Went underground for about nine years in this regard; Imprisoned for about three years when the Communist Party was banned; Detained under PD Act for three years during 1964-67.




Expired on 19-05-2004; Obituary made on 25-06-2004.

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