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 P. R. Kurup 

Member, 1st KLA [Kuthuparamba-PSP], 
2nd KLA [Kuthuparamba-PSP], 3rd KLA [Peringalam-SSP],  
5th KLA [Peringalam-INC], 8th KLA [Peringalam-JP], 
10th KLA [Peringalam-JanathaDal]. 

SSLC; Teacher; Son of Shri Govindan Nambiar and Smt. Kunjunjamma; born on 30 September 1915; 
Wife : K. P. Leelavathi; 4 Sons, 4 Daughters. 

Other Positions Held and details:

Minister for Irrigation & Co-operation from 06-03-1967 to 21-10-1969, 
Minister for Transport and Forests from 20-05-1996 to 11-01-1999. 

Chairman, Committee on Private Members’ Bills and Resolutions (1957–58); House Committee (1987–89). 

State General Secretary, Janatha Dal; Actively involved in freedom movement; Sportsman; Editor, Padayani. 

Publications: Ente Nadinte Katha EnteyumAnjaneya Sandesam

Expired on 17-01-2001; Obituary made on 16-02-2001.

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