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 V. R. Krishna Iyer 

Member, Madras Legislative Assembly (1952-56), 
1st KLA [Tellicherry-Independent], 2nd KLA [Tellicherry-Independent]. 
(Contested the Elections in 1960 but lost and later declared elected to the II KLA on 7th September 1961 by the Election tribunal and took oath on 13-11-1961).

Son of Shri V. V. Rama Iyer; born on May 1915; Wife : Sarada.   
Graduate, BL.

Other Positions Held and details:

Minister for Law and Irrigation from 05-04-1957 to 31-07-1959. 

Judge of the High Court & Supreme Court; Member, Law Commission; Contested the Presidential Election in 1982; Eminent jurist; humanitarian and social reformer.

Publications:  'Random Reflections ' 'Nehru and Krishna Menon ' "Law versus Justice " , "Judicial Justice " and “Justice at Cross Roads”.

Address : Former Judge of Supreme Court, Satgamaya, M.G. Road, Ernakulam

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