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 K. Karunakaran 
Chief Minister from 30 March 1977 to 25 April 1977, from 28 December 1981 to 17 March 1982, from 24 May 1982 to 25 March 1987 and from 24 June 1991 to 16 March 1995. 

Member, Kochi Legislative Assembly (1948-49), 
Travancore Cochin Legislative Assembly (1949-56) (Three Term), 
3rd KLA [Mala-INC], 4th KLA [Mala-INC], 5th KLA [Mala-INC], 
6th KLA [Mala-INC (I)], 7th KLA [Mala-INC (I)], 8th KLA [Mala-INC], 
9th KLA [Mala-INC]. 
Resigned the membership on 05 May 1995.

Son of Shri K. Ramunny Marar and  Kannoth Kalyani Amma; born on 04 July 1918;  Wife : Kalyanikutty Amma; 1 Son, 1 Daughter.                  

Other Positions Held and details:

Union Cabinet Minister for Industries (1995-96)

Minister for Home from 25-09-1971 to 25-03-1977. 

Opposition Leader (1967-69), (1980-81) and (1987-91). 

Member, Lok Sabha (1998-99) and (1999-04), Rajya Sabha  (1995-97), (1997-98) and (2004-05). 

Member, Indian Delegation to I.LO, Congress Working Committee, Congress Parliamentary Board. 

Chairman, Committee on Public Accounts  (1968-69) & (1969-70), Committee of  Privileges  (1982-86). 

Chief Whip, Congress Legislature Party (1952-53); Leader, Congress Legislature Party (1967-95). 

President, INTUC Kerala State; Chairman of the Committee constituted for amending the Constitution of INC; Elected from Nemom and Mala Constituencies in the Election to VII  KLA, resigned Nemom seat on 1-6-1982. Freedom Fighter; Imprisoned during Freedom Struggle; A Parliamentarian with long experience of more than five decades.


Expired on 23-12-2010; Obituary made on 27-12-2010.

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