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 Joseph Chazhikatt 

Member, Sree Moolam Assembly (1944-47), 
Travancore Cochin Legislative Assembly (1954-56), 
1st KLA [Puliyannur-PSP],  2nd KLA [Puliyannur-PSP],
3rd KLA [Kaduthuruthy-KC].

Born in March 1892.                        

Graduate, Pleadership Examination Passed, Graduate. 

Other Positions Held and details:

Parliamentary Party Secretary of PSP in first KLA; Member, Kerala University Senate; General Secretary, Vice President and President of All Kerala Catholic Congress; Managing Editor, Kerala Dasan; Reputed for his wit and sense of humour.
Publications : The Syrian Colonisation of Malabar,  Thekkumbhaga SamudayacharitramCaesarinte Bharya

Expired on 29-10-1983; Obituary made on  12-12-1983.

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