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 T. M. Jacob 

Member, 5th KLA [Piravam-Kerala Congress], 6th KLA[Kothamangalam-KC(J)], 7th KLA [Kothamangalam-KC(J)], 
8th KLA [Kothamangalam-KC(M)],9th KLA [Piravam-KC(M)],  
10th KLA [Piravam-KC(Jacob)], 11th KLA [Piravam-KC(Jacob)].

Son of Shri T. S. Mathew and Smt. Annamma Mathew; born on 16 September 1950; Wife: Daisy Jacob; 1 Son, 1 Daughter.  

Graduate, LLB, LLM Course completed; Advocate.                

Other Positions Held and details:

Minister for Education from 24-05-1982 to 25-03-1987, 
Minister for Irrigation & Cultural Affairs from 29-06-1991 to 16-03-1995, 
Minister for Irrigation & Cultural Affairs from 22-03-1995 to 09-05-1996, 
Minister for Water Resources from  17-05-2001 to 29-08-2004

Elected Member of the Kerala University Academic Council from the Faculty of Law; General Secretary, Kerala Congress (1979-82) & (1987-91); Now in Nationalist Congress (Indira).
Publications: "Ente China Paryadanam" (Malayalam); "My China Diary" (English);  
Selected Speeches of T. M. Jacob

Address : Thanikunnel House, Oliyappuram, Koothattukulam, Ernakulam District.

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