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 A. L. Jacob 

Member, Kochi Legislative Assembly (1948), 
Travancore Cochin Legislative Assembly (1949-51) and (1952-53),
1st KLA [Ernakulam-INC], 2nd KLA [Ernakulam-Congress], 
4th KLA [Ernakulam-Congress (I)], 5th KLA [Ernakulam-Congress (I)], 6th KLA [Ernakulam-Congress], 7th KLA [Ernakulam-Congress]. 

SSLC; Son of Shri Ligory Jacob; born on 19 April 1911; Wife: Philomina Jacob; 5 Sons, 3 Daughters.               

Other Positions Held and details:

Minister for Agriculture from 29-10-1978 to 07-10-1979; 
Minister for Agriculture and Fisheries from 01-09-1983 to 25-03-1987. 

Member, Kerala University Senate, Cochin University Senate, Kerala Sports Council; President, KPCC (I); Became member of INC in 1932; Participated in Quit India Movement; Founder President, All Kerala Weight Lifting Association.

Recipient of Papal Honour, “Bena Merendi”
Expired on 20-09-1995; Obituary made on 06-03-1996.

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