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 K. P. R. Gopalan 
Member, 1st KLA [Madai-CPI], 
3rd KLA [Tellicherry-CPI (M)].

Born in June 1909. 


Other Positions Held and details:

Member, Malabar District Board (1939), KPCC (1937-40), Provincial Committee of CPI from 1946; Imprisoned during 1948-51; First accused in the Morazha Murder Case of 1940, sentenced to death but due to pressure of public opinion sentence was commuted; Participated in Salt Sathyagraha under Shri. Kelappan, played an important role in the formation of Congress Socialist Party.

Managing editor : Deshabhimani  (1964-67).

Expired on 05-08-1997; Obituary made on 22-12-1997.

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