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 George Mascrene  

Member, 9th KLA [Kovalam-INC)]. (Consequent on the setting aside of the election of Shri A. Neelalohithadasan Nadar, Shri Mascrene was sworn in as a Member of Ninth KLA on December 13, 1991).

Son of Shri Joseph Mascrene; born on 16 December 1948; Wife: A. Radha; 1 Son. 

Post Graduate, LLB, Diploma in Russian Language; Advocate. 


Other Positions Held and details:

Member, Board of Directors, Fisheries Corporation, Kerala State Fisheries Advisory Board; Director, Matsyafed; District General Secretary, Youth Congress (1972-76);  Secretary, Thiruvananthapuram D.C.C.

Expired on 22-10-2001; Obituary made on 29-11-2001.

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